Kernel Brewery – Direct From Southwark, SE1

As big fans, we’re delighted to see bottled beers from Kernel Brewery popping up all over  East London.  In Dalston alone the fine people at both Café Oto and A Little  Of What You Fancy are supporters, and soon we’ll be selling three of their bottled beers here at Mason & Taylor.

Evin, the brewmaster at Kernel, brews beer with character and explains his intention is to brew  “beer that forces you to confront and consider what you are drinking”.  They have huge characters that we’re more used to finding in bold American beers.  Their Pale Ales and IPAs produced with single hop varieties, like Amarillo, Citra or Cascade, are allowing us to appreciate what difference a single hop actually makes to the taste of a beer.

With new world wine helping the consumer understand what grapes go into wine and what character they impart, beer is undergoing the same revolution and the American influence is central to this once again.  Our whole team are heading down next week to see Evin in action at Kernel.  Kernel are open to the public on Saturdays, and we encourage you to pay them a visit!

Good Beer

Need We Say More?

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