Our Single Hop Ale Festival – Easter Weekend

Our first ale festival, the M&T ‘Hip-Hop Off’ lands on Friday 22nd April (Good Friday) and runs until Monday 25th.

All beer comprises 4 key ingredients, water, malted barley, yeast and hops. For this festival we are focusing on that crucial ingredient, the hop. Different hops impart different flavours and levels of bitterness, and lots of breweries have been having fascinating adventures using hops in new and interesting ways.

One of our aims is to make good beer as interesting, unintimidating and accessible as possible. This festival is a chance for the specialist and the amateur alike to taste and enjoy ‘single-hop’ beers: beers made with just one variety of hop. It’s also a great excuse for us to share beer from some of our favourite breweries. Over the weekend we will have:

- Over 25 cask ales dispensed direct from the cask, plus special guest bottles and keg beers

- There will be beers showcasing 10 of 2011’s hip hops.

- Compare different breweries’ treatment of the same hop strains, in different beers, side by side.

BREWERIES include London’s Brodies and Kernel, plus Allgates, Art Brew, Blue Monkey, Crouch Vale, Moor, Otley, Steel City and Saltaire.

FOOD Our usual small plates menu will be available throughout, there will be some food and beer matching, plus some special food dishes using hops as ingredients.

FESTIVAL SPECIAL We’re brewing a new warrior pale ale with Evin at the award-winning Bermondsey-based Kernel Brewery.

By the way, we will be open from 12noon on both Friday and Monday as they are bank holidays.

Mason & Taylor Ale Festival

The Hip-Hop Off, Fri 22nd-Mon 25th April

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